Monday, 18 February 2013

Abstract Paintings

The mood of this painting to me is peaceful. The color light blue gives me a calm feeling. If you look carefully to the painting, you see two people. This gives a clear message what the painting wants to say: don’t worry, you are not alone. It looks like the artist used little paint. She made it very watery and just let the paint run down. 

Artist: Sharon Cummings

Title: Never Alone

This painting makes me feel happy. It has a lot of bright colors, which expresses joyful to me. The mark making shows strips from different colors. This makes the colors connect and mix into each other, which gives a happy and bright picture. 

Artist: Seb Farrington

Title: The Satch

The mood of this painting for me is surprised. The dots give a playful look, like someone was not expecting something. The mark making shows little dots everywhere, which represent one image together. 

Artist: -

Title: Original Rain Art